MIDI Pattern Sequencer 1.1 arrives

The excellent MIDI Pattern Sequencer gets an awesome update:

  • CC/RPN/NRPN automation for pattern tracks.
  • Learn mode for external device input controller.
  • Reassign external input controller to any output controller (also changing controller type).
  • Controller value can switch between events or smoothly changing from event to event.
  • Different colors for each graphs of automation.
  • One click edit mode for drum tracks (quick edit).
  • Extended mode for drum event – accented events or velocity for each events.
  • Setting velocity value for accented and non-accented events (for each track separately).
  • Powerful feature “Shift clock” changes start clock of event and clock of gate time on fixed step or randomly. This feature not only adds the Swing/Shuffle rhythm, but also allows quickly create unusual rhythmic patterns. Especially with pitch/cutoff controller automation.
  • Another new color scheme.

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