Unlock the full moon dream in the inception app this weekend

Don’t forget to unlock the mysterious FULL MOON DREAM in INCEPTION THE APP this weekend! It’s Full Moon on SUNDAY 27th January 2013. You can check if its Full Moon at your location yet here : http://isitfullmoon.com/ When its night and Full Moon at your location – press the red induce button in the app to unlock the dream!

If you don’t know the inception app then it’s well worth a look at, especially as you can unlock the full moon dream this weekend.

KORG iMS-20 (video)

Audioshare at both ends …

“AudioShare playing back a file through filter app and recording it back into AudioShare.”

Now that’s going to open up some interesting possibilities …

AudioShare - audio document manager - Kymatica (Jonatan Liljedahl)

Music Ipad App: Wavegenerator

EGDR808 HD goes up to version 2.0 with lots of new features

Here’s what’s new in version 2.0:

  • Added Swing/Shuffle control
  • Added Tap Tempo button
  • Updated GUI Interface
  • Added totally new Song Mode – swipe left to open the song view
  • Added Follow and Loop Mode
  • Added Audio Copy MAPI
  • Added Korg Wist sync
  • Added Mail audio export
  • iPhone 5 optimization
  • Added quick tutorial
  • Added new song/pattern presets page
  • Export wave with BPM in the name
  • Universal app

EGDR808 HD - Elliott Garage

AriVibes (video) by Apps4idevicesMusic

Concreted0g and his matrix mixers …

Mr Concreted0g talks about his new line of micro mixers and how you can get them. Read more here.

iPad mini (with touch osc) Vs Dj Zee

TouchOSC - hexler

Alchemy 2.0 to be major update?

According to this thread at KVR:

We’re working on Alchemy Mobile 2.0 now, but don’t have a release date yet as this is a major update. Not sure what we can do about the output volume but will find out. 

Sounds like it could be good!

Korg iPolysix ~ 41 Bar Synth Solo by Mee Zanook

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