DJ Player update

Another great update for DJ Player:

  • New track browser, built from ground up
  • More options and cleaner browsing experience, while displaying more information than before.
  • No more “sync with library”, super fast listing to support very large music libraries.
  • Browse and load music from Dropbox
  • Extend your storage space with Dropbox. Analyzing is available for Dropbox items too.
  • Default, “out-of-the box” support for the VESTAX SPIN 2
  • Supports multi-route audio on the iPhone and iPod touch as well
  • Drastically improved scratch sound
  • New MIDI mappables: global shift button, screen navigation.
  • On-the-fly set cue points are snapped to beat in assist mode.
  • Better support for 48 kHz-only audio devices (like NI Kontrol Z2).
  • Camera background moved to Settings. You can turn it on for every output mode now, and works on the iPhone 5 as well.
  • Small bugfixes.

All changes and new features in this update are free for all users.

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