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Crowdfunding and music apps, a few questions for you

This is something that’s been on my mind for a while now. I’ve seen it done a couple of times and it’s worked, but of course I don’t know about all the attempts that haven’t worked.

I’m really interested to know from developers especially what their views are regarding crowd funding for music apps and whether it’s something that is worth taking forward for the wider mobile music community.

You might be wondering why I’m interested in this stuff. Well, I’m always aware that there are apps that will not got made or not get finished simply because of time and more often because of money. It makes me realise that if there was a better way of getting an app off the ground that wouldn’t otherwise see the light of day then it needs some discussion and exploration.

So, let’s open up the debate. What do you think?

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A little look at Miki’s lovely studio

A nice look at Miki’s studio. What a lovely combination of analogue and digital. I’m quite jealous actually.

Via Miki’s blog.

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Make Microcontroller Comparison Chart

I knew that there would be a few people who’d find this useful (you know who you are).

Via Make.

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Sseyo miniMIXA, where Intermorphic got started

Here’s some real mobile music history for you. A screen shot for SSEYO’s original miniMIXA that’s sitting on my old Dell Axim.

I’ll do a video of it when I get some time.

If you really want to, take a look at Mixtikl on your device or on the app store and see if you can spot the patterns.

Mixtikl 5 - Intermorphic Ltd.

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3D Printed OP-1 Accessories

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overfolds by kellua


Made using an OP-1 (amongst other hardware).

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Grain Bastard – Borderland Impakt (Jan 2013)

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Since first loading this onto a PDA and playing with it I haven’t found much in the way of uses for it.

However, it shows just what you can do with an old Palm OS PDA, or at least what one very talented developer could do anyway.

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DJ Player update

Another great update for DJ Player:

  • New track browser, built from ground up
  • More options and cleaner browsing experience, while displaying more information than before.
  • No more “sync with library”, super fast listing to support very large music libraries.
  • Browse and load music from Dropbox
  • Extend your storage space with Dropbox. Analyzing is available for Dropbox items too.
  • Default, “out-of-the box” support for the VESTAX SPIN 2
  • Supports multi-route audio on the iPhone and iPod touch as well
  • Drastically improved scratch sound
  • New MIDI mappables: global shift button, screen navigation.
  • On-the-fly set cue points are snapped to beat in assist mode.
  • Better support for 48 kHz-only audio devices (like NI Kontrol Z2).
  • Camera background moved to Settings. You can turn it on for every output mode now, and works on the iPhone 5 as well.
  • Small bugfixes.

All changes and new features in this update are free for all users.

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A bit of Windows Mobile Space Clanger Theremin

Old school, Clangers and Windows Mobile!