A quick performance on the new Novation Launchpad app – available for free from the App store now.

New Loopseque Mini coming soon

The lovely people at Loopseque are also working on a new version of mini. Here’s what they say:

Working on a new version of the Loopseque Mini (for iPhone). MIDI, AudioBus, New FX’s and more…

FL Studio Mobile HD getting on the bus

Confirmed on Facebook, FL Studio lovers will be pleased to hear that the 2.1 update is being submitted soon.

More on Facebook.

CV control analog four to monotribe

Sorry, here’s the video also from Synthtopia.

Synthtopia on CV in for the Monotribe

Worth a read and it makes me want to get one of these again. That wish list just gets bigger and bigger!

Via Synthtopia.

Coming to Audioshare 2.4

It just gets better. I know I’ve said it before, but it does.

Lemur – scripting (video) from TeachingMusicDigital

Nice find from Discchord.

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