S1MidiTrigger (video) from Apps4idevicesMusic

AudioStretch is currently free

AudioStretch is currently free. If you’re interested in it that is.

Wolfgang offers up the PPG iOS Roadmap …

Just to let you know our current PPG iOS development roadmap is as follows;

  • the imminent WaveMapper release,
  • then a release of a new update for WaveGenerator with new features,
  • and then something very special, although somewhat smaller… hint hint…

Anyone know what the ‘something very special’ is?

Updates to the MIDI Pattern Sequencer site

There’s some new pages over at the MIDI Pattern Sequencer site showing features / screenshots etc and generally making the app a bit more accessible all round.

You can find it here, and the app is on the app store by clicking the button below.

PS. Don’t forget that there’s CC/RPN/NRPN automation coming in the next update to this app! That’s going to be awesome!

Dubreq Stylophone

Help decide what happens next with Loopy

Have views on where Loopy should go next? Have your say here (requires facebook login).

Lasertron Ultimate Laser Harp now iPhone 5 ready

Lasertron Ultimate Laser Harp updates and is now compatible with the iPhone 5 screen size.

Lasertron Ultimate Laser Harp - Rob Wilmot

Satoshi Tomiie’s iPad/iPhone DJ set up

Via Discchord.

the microTone – microtonal polyphonic synthesizer + controller for iPad

the microTone - Olivier Zurkirchen

An album made with Loopy HD


Loopy HD - A Tasty Pixel

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