NSP BreakOut box with DSI Tetra and Beatmaker 2

AmpliTube for iPhone or iPad 2.9 update – with new Loop Drummer and Recording Pre-Roll!!

AmpliTube - IK Multimedia

AMOS: Another MIDI OSC Source (with Shruthi)

Amos: Another MIDI OSC Source - Anything Honest

Auria for iPad from MusicApps.com.br

Auria - WaveMachine Labs, Inc.

AmpliTube updated

Interesting direction for Amplitube. Here’s what’s new in their app:

  • Loop drummer module plays in sync with the recorder
  • Preroll function added to recorder

AmpliTube - IK Multimedia

Arpeggionome Pro controlling a Yamaha Disklavier at NAMM 2013

Arpeggionome Pro - Alexandernaut

Apple adding 128 gb iPad to range

You’ve probably seen this already, but I thought I’d post it more to ask what you think about it? Lots of sites and commentators are saying that it’s because of the Surface Pro and it’s just a reaction to that. I don’t think it’ll mean too much for mobile music except of course that you’re now able to carry even more in your iPad, but other than that not a great deal.

So is it a reaction to Microsoft? That’s not a very ‘Apple’ response.

Last couple of days for iPolysix at 50% off

Don’t forget that the KORG iPolysix is still at 50% off until 31st Jan. Don’t miss out.

KORG iPolysix - KORG INC.

Echo Pad update

A small but much requested update from Echo Pad:

  • Main Looper now has feedback control, thanks to user requests!
  • Added a low latency switch for better performance on older devices.

Echo Pad - Holderness Media Inc

4PocketsAudio AudioBus Tutorial

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