StepSequencer ST-S01 for iPad arrives.

Another MIDI sequencer for your iPad. Here’s what to expect form StepSequencer:

StepSequencer ST-S01 brings a classical Step Sequencer to the iPad.

Do you remember the times of huge, old modular Synthesizers. They were not complete without a Step Sequencer and this is exactly what ST-S01 is. It features two modes with either 16 steps or two times 8 steps which are executed in parallel on two MIDI channels. ST-S01 supports MIDI Clock, Start, Continue and Stop. Each step has an octave and note selector as well as a switch which permits skipping a step. In MIDI clock receive mode it is possible to slow down or speed up the sequence. MIDI can be received by WIFI and through interfaces like the Line6 Midi Mobilizer.

The app is priced at $3.99.

Step Sequencer - Matthias Schorer

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