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Novation Launchkey – NAMM 2013

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MINT.io Groovebox – Music In No Time (video) from Apps4idevicesMusic

MINT.io Groovebox - Music In No Time - Amidio Inc.

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BeatPad controlling Wavesynth on an iPad 3

This was probably the most successful of my experiments using the Palm IIIxe and BeatPad to control more modern devices.


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Yamaha’s Mobile Music Sequencer (video) from Apps4idevicesMusic

Mobile Music Sequencer - US - Yamaha Corporation of America

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StepSequencer ST-S01 for iPad arrives.

Another MIDI sequencer for your iPad. Here’s what to expect form StepSequencer:

StepSequencer ST-S01 brings a classical Step Sequencer to the iPad.

Do you remember the times of huge, old modular Synthesizers. They were not complete without a Step Sequencer and this is exactly what ST-S01 is. It features two modes with either 16 steps or two times 8 steps which are executed in parallel on two MIDI channels. ST-S01 supports MIDI Clock, Start, Continue and Stop. Each step has an octave and note selector as well as a switch which permits skipping a step. In MIDI clock receive mode it is possible to slow down or speed up the sequence. MIDI can be received by WIFI and through interfaces like the Line6 Midi Mobilizer.

The app is priced at $3.99.

Step Sequencer - Matthias Schorer

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BeatPad and Music Studio

This time controlling a drum track

Music Studio - Alexander Gross

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Unity Synthesizer (universal) arrives

A new synth for your idevice. But it looks like there are a lot of IAPs in there, so don’t just go on the headline price.

Here’s the app description:

Unity synthesizer can create professional quality synth sounds with on screen or external MIDI keyboard. The base configuration includes two synth engines (Retro AS-1 analog and Unity DS-1 sample playback) and twenty three audio effects, along with seven sound banks including General MIDI, Best of Retro AS-1, Pipe Organ, Rock Pop drum and percussion loops banks. An arpeggiator, sequencer, and scales can be used for real-time MIDI playback.

Additional in-app purchases include sound libraries and banks, synth and effects parameter editors, appearances, arpeggiators, sequences, and scales.

Fourteen synthesis engines along with twenty three audio effects are part of the complete package. All synthesizer, modulation, and effects parameter editing is supported to edit existing sounds, or create your own new ones. User banks can be stored to iCloud, allowing you to access your custom sounds from all of your iOS devices.

Standard MIDI file sequences are supported via the Document folder accessed via iTunes.

Synthesis engines:

  • AS-1 – analog model with three oscillators, ring modulator, two multimode filters, and portamento
  • DS-1 – sample playback with two stereo time-stretch oscillators, two multimode filters, and portamento
  • SP-1 – sample playback for AIFF or wave files
  • BW-1 – bowed string model with bow, position, and string parameters
  • CL-1 – clarinet model with breath, reed, mouthpiece, embouchure, and bore parameters
  • BR-1 – brass model with breath, mouthpiece, embouchure, and bore parameters
  • FL-1 – flute model with breath, embouchure, and bore parameters
  • EP-1 – electric piano model with hammer, tine, and pickup parameters
  • HS-1 – hammered dual string model with hammer, string, and filter parameters
  • GL-1 – glottal model with oscillator and two eight stage vocal tracts
  • FM-1 – eight oscillator frequency modulation with variable audio routings
  • VS-1 – four oscillator sampled vector synthesis
  • WS-1 – eight oscillator sampled wave sequencing
  • AS-2 – analog model with five oscillator, ring modulator, three multimode filter, and portamento

All synthesis engines include a complete modulation matrix. Modulation sources include MIDI controllers as well as the envelopes, LFOs, ramps, and random generators. Modulation destinations include volume and pan as well as synthesis engine specific ones such as the AS-1 filter cutoff, or CL-1 breath input. Modulation routings route a source to a destination by an amount with optional tables or smoothing.

The initial price is $4.99.

Unity Synthesizer - Steve O'Connell

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Palm IIIxe and BeatPad running Music Studio on a 3G

I thought I’d try the really old tech running the only slightly old tech to see what happened. The results aren’t stunning, but it was an interesting experiment.

Music Studio - Alexander Gross

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BeatPad and Shruthi-1

More messing around with the old Palm IIIxe and the Shruthi-1.

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Audulus Vocoder Demo

Audulus - Wilson Holliday