Pixilang v3.4.4 available

Here’s what’s new:

  • additional (optional) parameters for the split_rgb() function: image_offset, channel_offset, size;
  • additional (optional) parameters for the replace_values() function: dest_offset, src_offset, size;
  • new file format: FORMAT_PIXICONTAINER (entire Pixilang container with properties, animation etc.);
  • new container flags: GL_NO_XREPEAT, GL_NO_YREPEAT;
  • new GIF export flags: GIF_GRAYSCALE, GIF_DITHER; see details in the examples/graphics/save_gif.pixi;
  • new graphics examples: save_and_load_pixicontainer, replace_values;
  • bugs fixed.

Via the Sunvox blog.

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