Yet more Hedgehog and Shruthi

Further controller experiments.

Massive iDensity update

Wow, this is a huge upate to iDensity. Here’s what’s new:

  • Audiobus support
  • MIDI Input (virtual/network)
  • MIDI Control Change learn
  • Connection Control: Midi, Scrub Y, Second Finger and Accelerometer X/Y
  • Set individual gravity for Scrub Y, Second Finger and Accelerometer X/Y
  • Set individual widget rescale range for Scrub Y, Second Finger and Accelerometer X/Y
  • WavePad zoom improvements
  • Retina display support
  • Audio Copy and Paste fixed bug on iPhone 5, now appear in the compatible list
  • iOS 5.1 audio issue fixed
  • Effects Chain after granulator fade IO
  • Freeze scanning improved

iDensity - apeSoft

More Hedgehog and Shruthi

Working out the controller assignments in Hedghog and getting it working with the Shruthi-1

NAMM 2013 – Stylophone S2 Press Demo – Tara Busch

Wow, that’s a lot of tables …

Yep it is isn’t it …

Reactable on the app store:
Reactable Systems SL

ARP-BOX (universal) arrives

This looks like quite an intriguing sort of application.

Would you like play to unique sound box?

ARP-BOX is simply arpeggiator sound box with bounding balls.

You can put bounding balls in a colorful box by tap. Bounding balls emit a sound then contacting walls.

ARP-BOX is playing polyrhythmic melody sounds by balls bounding.

If you want to remove bounding balls, you can open a box and wait for out-of-bounds balls.


  • box rotation by drag and swipe
  • doppler effect by box rotation speed
  • changing audio pitch and velocity
  • changing balls direction by device shaking
  • changing musical scale ( major penta tonic scale or minor penta tonic scale )

It’s priced at $0.99

ARP-BOX - nanmo

WNAMM13: Dubreq Stylophone Preview

Don’t forget …

KORG iPolysix - KORG INC.

KORG KAOSSILATOR PRO+ (3/3) New Sounds : Drum Pattern

KORG KAOSSILATOR PRO+ (2/3) New Sounds : Chord / SE

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