Make Noise With The New Arduino Kit!

Make Noise With The New Arduino Kit!

The title says it all!

We got the brand new Arduino Starter Kit from RS Components, so we were supposed to write a review. But then we were like ‘why don’t we show people what they can actually do with the kit!’
And as we are music (ehm, noise actually) lovers, we came up with the idea of making a synthesizer.

The kit and its content

We started by showing one of the projects you can find in the book that comes with the kit. It’s basically the simplest Arduino based musical instrument, it features an LDR to control the pitch, a piezo and the tone library!
If you want to know more about it check this video –

To build the synth we basically started from the Light Theremin and the Crystal Ball ( projects that you can find into the kit.

We hacked an existing project called The Arduino Synthesizer ( – based on Auduino) and created a Light Controlled Granular Synth.

The Light Controlled Granular Synth features:

  • two oscillators
  • two LDRs to control the pitch for each oscillator
  • two potentiometers to control the decay for each oscillator
  • one LDR to control the grains repetition frequency
  • one LCD display
  • one button to choose from different modes and scales

We only used components that you can find into the Arduino Starter Kit (except for a speaker) so everyone can easily replicate the project.
If you want to make your own you can find the Arduino code and the Fritzing file here:


by Alessandro Contini + Alberto Massa

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