AC 7 core HD ipad DAW controller

AC-7 Core HD - Saitara Software


Auria gets on the bus too

Obviously on a later bus than the LE version, but that’s stretching the whole ‘bus’ analogy isn’t it.

Auria adds Audiobus support and the PSP Springverb too.

Auria - WaveMachine Labs, Inc.


NAMM 2013: Dubreq Stylophone S2 analog synthesizer


Audulus Quick Tip: Zooming in on the Oscillator

For new users: a quick discussion of how zooming in and out affects how the UI responds, using the Oscillator node as an example.

Audulus - Wilson Holliday


PPG WaveMapper to be Audiobus ready at launch

Sounds like a good plan to me.


Well that’s good to know isn’t it? NinjaJamm alive and kicking!

We wait …


Sonoma announce Low Latency Audio for Android!

This is massive! Brilliant news for Android and I hope that it really takes off. Here’s the press release:

Sonoma Wire Works, makers of the FourTrack™ iOS multitrack recording app, the AudioCopy™/AudioPaste™ SDK, and the GuitarJack™ audio interface, has developed a low latency audio (LLA) solution for Android™ devices. Typical input to output latency on Android devices is between 100 and 250 milliseconds. Sonoma Wire Works’ LLA solution brings latency down to approximately 20 milliseconds.

Latency is the time it takes for sound to go into a system and back out. Low latency is essential to musicians if they want to use a device for real-time processing (e.g. guitar amp models and effects or input monitoring during recording). Latency above 25 ms is generally considered too high for input monitoring and live effects. Sonoma Wire Works’ LLA solution achieves low latency on Android with analog input to output measurements comparable to what is currently available on iOS.

“Musicians have been clamoring for a fix for high latency on Android. Sonoma Wire Works is proud to offer a solution that can broaden the device options for mobile music production.” – Doug Wright, president of Sonoma Wire Works

Sonoma Wire Works’ LLA solution for Android is available for license to device manufacturers. Sonoma Wire Works will be available for meetings and demonstrations at the NAMM Show, January 24-27, 2013, at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA.