Groovebox – Music In No Time from Amidio gets MIDI export

A nice update for Here’s what’s new:

  • MIDI record along with .WAV
  • Hardware MIDI support (no virtual MIDI yet)
  • Background play supported (while audio is running)
  • Select FX matrix, new FX: Phaser
  • Global Load / Save Session (16 Slots)
  • Fixed bug with some .WAV files not playing
  • Improved “Slide” Function in Synth
  • Replaced 6 instruments in Vibes
  • Additional bugfixes
  • No “Premium mode” (the app is now paid-only)

I’m not sure what the last comment means about it being paid only as when I looked it was still free. Perhaps the price will change later? Groovebox - Music In No Time - Amidio Inc.

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