Reminder, Wave Trip arrived today

Just a reminder that Wave Trip, the musical game for iOS arrived today. As you might be able to guess, I’m really excited about this as I think it’s one of the first games to be truly musical and combine good game play with musical creation as well, and I haven’t even tried all of its possibilities as yet.

Wave Trip - Lucky Frame

iQ5 – Professional Stereo Microphone for iOS

Now that looks like something you might want to invest in …

Details here.

Look at what Mr Concreted0g has been making

Can’t wait for these to be ready to ship!

Daydream – 1 from BoB gorlik, made with iPolySix

KORG iPolysix - KORG INC.

Playing live Toy Trance with Caustic 2 (Android)

kp2 beta test (video)

Video description:

A quick test of the beta release of Konkreet Performer v2, now with midi support. Coming soon and a joy to use. This is just a quick mess about with it – I’m going to do a more in depth exploration shortly. In this test I’m running an iPad 2 on iOS5, linking directly to Ableton via a Yamaha i-MX1 midi adaptor straight into my midi interface. No network or midiyoke etc required! Apologies for shaky-cam styles, was holding my phone with one hand and tweaking the pad with the other. also, a bit drunk.

Konkreet Performer - Konkreet Labs

Wireless MIDI Guitar with the Sonuus G2M app for iOS

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