Genome and what might be in 1.2

I’d sort of overlooked this post at the Whitebox audio blog. But on closer reading there’s some very interesting stuff coming along to Genome (which is still one of my favourite controllers).

The bulk of the post is:

Some weeks ago I said the metronome would be in the next update – this was intended to be part of a a larger 1.2.0 release which will include a modular audio system for virtual instruments within Genome. The reason for this is that the metronome will be an audio module and will share some of the ‘audio plumbing’ that will be needed for the other stuff. In recent weeks however, it became clear that there were a few serious bugs that would need to get fixed before a 1.2.0 release, which is the reason for the 1.1.2 release. 1.1.2 is primarily a bug fix release. It includes a few new features, but these are mostly things that were already being worked on and happened to be ready to release. I know that the metronome is an important feature for a lot of people and it is being worked on. On the plus side, a lot of the groundwork for the audio system has already been laid and a good portion of the work remaining is interface related. Barring any major bugs that come up after 1.1.2, the next release will be 1.2.0.

And you can find the whole thing here, although virtually all of it is above.

It sounds great, and I’m excited to know more about the 1.2 release of Genome. I hope there’s more news and detail on it soon.

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