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Live band, Audiobus, Jamup Pro and Livefx.

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JamUp Pro XT – Amp Effects Processor updates

Here’s what’s new:

  • Support AirTurn wireless pedal
  • 11 new amp channels
  • Run multiple effects from any category
  • BPM sync to all delay effects
  • MIDI control on preset switch, volume and wah control, tap tempo, amp and effects toggle, sampler and Jam player
  • Support Audiobus as input, effect and output unit

JamUp Pro XT - Amp Effects Processor - Positive Grid LLC

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Not a Toy by Trueyorky

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Orphion still free, get it while you can

Don’t wait, it won’t be free for much longer.

Orphion - Bastus Trump

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Coming next to Audiobus …

Something new coming along to Audiobus …

Via Discchord.

Audiobus - A Tasty Pixel

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Korg Monotron – LFO Sync Mod Compilation

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Track 18 (nintendo korg ds-10) ugocapeto

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SynthX (video)

SynthX - Way Out Ware, Inc.

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WaveMapper Show and Tell Part 2

Part 2 of the show and tell of the new PPG WaveMapper app from Wolfgang Palm.

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Here’s what’s new with this Ableton controller:

  • Application no longer starts with connection screen
  • Connection status is displayed on status bar
  • Connection screen is now accessed thru menu
  • Menu is toggled by touching logo
  • Menu allows easy access to support and application rating
  • If last bridge is detected, connects automatically to it
  • Back to arranger and over dub button (iPad only)
  • Tempo control up and down is now made thru shift button
  • Completely redesigned clip grid
  • Support for group tracks
  • Optimized playing position of clips
  • Support for more than 256 scenes
  • Better handling of huge Live sets
  • Improved memory management
  • Optimized rendering of clip slots
  • General bug fixes and improvements

LIVKONTROL - Imaginando