Tone Grid for iPhone arrives

A free grid based music app. Here’s what to expect:

Musical madness at your fingertips! Create great music with a few simple taps and unlock your endless creativity.

Start making your own beats now! Simply select squares in the Grid to start making your beat. You don’t need to know anything about music to start making awesome songs. Tone Grid is great for making very simple Rhythms to complex short songs.

After you make your song save it! You may also copy and paste your song, or even text it off to your friends to show them your original epic song. All your friend needs to do is copy the text you sent, and select the paste option within the App.


  • Build your own original song with Tone Grid
  • Save your songs
  • Play your songs from several unique instruments
  • Text your songs to your friends!

Tone Grid - Samuel Kishline

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