Tone Grid for iPhone arrives

A free grid based music app. Here’s what to expect:

Musical madness at your fingertips! Create great music with a few simple taps and unlock your endless creativity.

Start making your own beats now! Simply select squares in the Grid to start making your beat. You don’t need to know anything about music to start making awesome songs. Tone Grid is great for making very simple Rhythms to complex short songs.

After you make your song save it! You may also copy and paste your song, or even text it off to your friends to show them your original epic song. All your friend needs to do is copy the text you sent, and select the paste option within the App.


  • Build your own original song with Tone Grid
  • Save your songs
  • Play your songs from several unique instruments
  • Text your songs to your friends!

Tone Grid - Samuel Kishline

Droneo (video) from Apps4idevicesMusic

Droneo - Henry Lowengard

Matrix mixer uni by concretedog

Here’s concreted0g’s description:

Piece made from a few edits from a jam using 3 fx units, 1 hacked and modded talking computron and my mini matrix mixer (for more info on my mini matrix mixer see ).

ShapeSynth comes to Android

One of my fav apps for iOS comes to Android. I had to buy it straight away of course.

the microTone for iPad arrives

A new controller, but a microtonal one apparently. Here’s the app’s description:

Are you a keyboard player?
Did you ever want to play microtonal chords?
Or maybe play real glissandi?

The microTone is a microtonal polyphonic synthesizer and OSC controller for the ipad.


  • control one octave fluently without steps. Just glide over the keyboard with up to 10 fingers!
  • switch octaves or lowest/highest notes
  • use your eyes or ears to check your intonation
  • integrated polyphonic synthesizer with 8 different sound presets (more to come!)
  • send your pitch data over WiFi/OSC to your computer.
  • send your pitch data over WiFi/OSC to max/MSP

The app is priced at $9.99

the microTone - Olivier Zurkirchen

Echo Pad updated

Echo Pad is updated:

  • New look + more effects! Brand new color scheme + UI adjustments based on user requests, plus 3 new effects.


  • 3 new effects!
  • Noise – adds vinyl & tape style noise to the circuit
  • Distortion – two different distortion units
  • Erratic delay – self explanatory when you hear it!


  • Brand new color scheme + UI adjustments
  • access and choose FX on main screen
  • tap 3 times anywhere on screen to reset blue and red control orb location


  • fixed a bug when Echo Pad is connected as an Effect app in Audiobus, disconnecting the output app would result in faint distorted audio played back through Echo Pad. This is now fixed.
  • fixed a bug with Main Looper when creating long loops that could occasionally cause Echo Pad to crash.
  • other minor bugfixes

Echo Pad - Holderness Media Inc

Cut-Up Machine is now free

I didn’t know anything about this app up until now, and all I can say without trying it is that I love the icon!

Anyway, here’s the description:

Cut-Up Machine brings William Burroughs’ famous tape cutups to your iPhone. If you want to hear your sound recording cut up and randomly put back together for potentially surreal effects, this might be the app for you.

You can use up to four tracks (with in-app purchase) to make multi-layered cutup compositions.

Making a high-quality recording of your cut-up is easy: just hook up your iPhone’s headphone output to the “audio in” port on a Mac or PC, and use a free recording program, like Audacity, to record.

Cut-Up Machine - Digital Earthenware

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