Sound Scope Space for iPad video from Apps4idevicesMusic

Sound Scope Space for iPad - The Strange Agency LLC

Rob’s BitWiz test

Here’s what Rob has to say about this …

BitWiz is a really simple environment for writing one-liner 8-bit synthesizers (it’s not my app, written by Kymatica). I am demonstrating the kind of sound I was able to get out of it, using the harmonic series to stand-in for a scale so that I can play it a little with two fingers, and running a background behind it. This sort of patch creation interface could be useful for 16-bit OSC/MIDI synths driven by controllers; though 8-bit audio has some non-obvious advantages for this task.

Interesting comments, let’s see where BitWiz’s developer takes that.

BitWiz Audio Synth - Kymatica (Jonatan Liljedahl)

No More, But So (Original Music & Video made with iPad)

Video description:

My attempt at a dark and gothic rock style. Music made with Garageband for iPad and Mac. Video made with Videostar and Vjay apps for iPad. A lot of effort in this one, I’d love to know what you think.

Lyrics based on “The Cruel Maid” by the incredible 17th Century English Poet Robert Herrick.

This thing of beauty …

Artiphon … It is stunning isn’t it?

Voxkit! (video)

Voxkit! - Secret Base Design

SPC Sketchpad Drum And Bass on Android Device Gardener- Yeah Baby !

NodeBeat – Arctic Keys – Magellan Jr – Audiobus

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