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Sonic Logic MIDI Controller for iPad – Version 1.1 Feature preview in Ableton Live

SonicLife - hexler

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The Notation app you’ve been looking for? Maybe?

Via iOS Musician.

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Voxkit! update makes good

The latest version of Voxkit! seems to be ok so far. If I hear of problems I’ll post an update.

Voxkit! - Secret Base Design

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Synth X Guitar Demo

SynthX - Way Out Ware, Inc.

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Artiphon with Techcrunch at CES

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Wave Trip arriving on the 22nd of this month

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SpinPad controlling Shruthi-1

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PodDJ for iPad

I posted a video of this last week. Here’s the full detail on the app now:

PodDJ is a new DJ application that transforms your iPad into a real mixing engine.
Thanks to the design and the perfect fluidity of the display, you will be facing the most realistic virtual turntable you have ever seen.

Moreover, iTunes library music becomes available directly without any loading delay and with the highest fidelity sound processing. Discs and controls have been thoughtfully placed in a way that your hands will cover every feature you need as quickly as possible without the requirement of any additional device to achieve a perfect mix.

PodDJ is the only application of the App Store with which you can truly scratch on your iPad thanks to a brilliant touch to sound reactivity. Test and see the difference!

The simplicity of use will finally inspire the DJ sleeping inside you to wake up and turn your living room into the club it ought to be!


  • iTunes library access without any conversion (MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF…)
  • Monitor (pre-cueing) output
  • Multi-Route audio: individual output management (you can choose where the monitor and each turntable output goes)
  • Compatibility with stereo splitting cables
  • 5 milliseconds of sound latency
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • Zero latency cue points
  • Zero latency key lock (time shifting) using DIRAC 3 technology
  • Automatic BPM detection
  • Manual (tap) BPM computation
  • No limit to the number of touches (multiple controls at the same time are accessible)
  • High fidelity equalizer with separate bass, medium and treble settings, kill buttons, and 2 possibles curves
  • Highly customizable turntable emulation
  • AirPlay compatible
  • Numark iDJ Live compatible

More amazing features are coming in next update!

Promotional operations:

  • until the end of January, $7.99
  • then $9.99

podDJ - Cyril CATTIAUX

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Justin Walter playing WerkBench

Really impressive stuff.

WerkBench - Bolasol, Inc.

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List of free preset packs

iOS Musician’s list of free preset packs. Now that’s handy!