Magellan Jr adds Audiobus and more …

Magellan Jr updates:

Major free upgrade, including Audiobus integration (works as Input & Effects), 2 new effects, configurable FX signal flow, optimization, and more. Download FREE presets for the new FX at our forum:

  • Audiobus support! Use Magellan Jr as an input or as an FX processor via Audiobus
  • Two new free FX!
    • HEXEq: a versatile 6-channel parametric equalizer with 9 filter types available for each channel, including shelving, peak, band and more.
    • VC-93 Compressor: a juicy compressor with built in I/O VU meters
  • Enables reordering of the FX flow. Go to Prefs -> FX and simply drag and drop the FX boxes to change the signal processing order.
  • MIDI Inlets for the new FX
  • 4 New FM-related vertical voice controls for the touchpads
  • Start-on-first-touch recording option
  • Keyboard velocity sensing using the accelerometer, with adjustable sensitivity.
  • Engine-wide optimization for improved performance
  • Increased polyphony to 10 voices on iPhone 4S & 5, and 5 voices on iPhone 4.
  • Improved launch procedure
  • Bug fixes

Magellan Jr - Yonac Inc.

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