MIDI Wrench (universal) arrives

MIDI Wrench universal arrives. Here’s what the app is all about:

The Swiss army knife for your daily MIDI setup tasks. Connect a MIDI keyboard, MIDI sound expander or any other MIDI device to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch by using the Apple USB camera adapter or any other adapter supported by Apple. Visualize MIDI messages sent by the connected MIDI device or send MIDI messages to the connected MIDI device. This is a simple but helpful tool to find problems in your MIDI setup or simply to spot what kind of messages various MIDI devices are sending exactly.

Current Features:

  • Lists all CoreMIDI devices on your iPad / iPhone / iPod touch.
  • Displays incoming MIDI events.
  • Send MIDI Note On, Note Off and certain Control Change messages by using the virtual MIDI keyboard, buttons and rotary knobs.
  • The virtual keyboard keys, rotary knobs and buttons reflect the states sent by the connected MIDI device.

This app is free, and it does not contain any ads or other annoying things. Really!

Anti-Spy Commitment: We take your privacy very seriously. None of our apps contain so called „spy” behaviors and we committed ourself to a very high privacy standard. MIDI Wrench does not collect any informations. For more informations about our privacy commitment, read our „Privacy Policy for Mobile Apps”.

MIDI Wrench - Christian Schoenebeck d/b/a Crudebyte

What’s a Jamstik? Something I want for starters

That looks seriously cool.

Samplr is on the bus and that’s not all …

The OP-1 like sampling app gets on the bus and more:

  • Audiobus Input and Output. See http://audiob.us for more information.
  • AIFF files support.
  • Background Audio to play along other apps.
  • Rename samples and projects (tap the sample/project name).

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Fixed clicks during audio recording.
  • Fixed clicks on Filter, Delay and Distortion.
  • Improved envelopes.

Samplr - Marcos Alonso

Arduino drum machine + synth module with MIDI input

Video Description:

Arduino MEGA was used for the drum machine and Arduino UNO for the synth module with a MIDI input. Both are enclosed in a “groovebox”. Output through PWM, 8 bit resolution, 31372,55 Hz sample rate. I have to thank the authors of Auduino. My project started from it and here is the result.

Documentation (only in Slovene) and source code are available on my web page http://www.mitjacerkvenik.com , you can find them under Projects. Please donate so I can take some time to translate documentation in English. Thanks!

I’m constantly amazed by what you can do with the Arduino platform. Via the excellent Matrixsynth.

Wave Trip from Lucky Frame is coming on the 22nd

I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. Lucky frame have a great perspective on games and if you’re not aware of their apps you should treat yourself and take a look, especially at Mujik which was one of their first releases.

Wave Trip is very promising …

Lucky Frame

Korg ims-20 Live Session-Track 3 Mee Zanook “Sabai Dee”

Via Discchord.

Korg ims-20 Live Session-Track 3 Mee Zanook "Sabai Dee"

Via Discchord.

Now that’s a great way to carry your gear around

Livid Brain Jr. … Build Your Own MIDI Controller

I saw this over at Synthtopia and I had to share it too because I really really want one of these now!

It features:

  • 16 digital connections (switches, buttons, etc.)
  • 16 analog connection (faders, potentiometers, sensors)
  • 16 LED connections (monochrome and RGB)
  • USB connectivity
  • Class compliant, no drivers needed

There’s more at Synthtopia. But be warned, you might want to buy one if you take a look.

Woojijuice, not just for audio, brings Portray to your iDevice

From pencil sketches to retro art prints, beautiful results appear instantly at your fingertips. You don’t need to be able to draw — but if you have artistic taste, you’ll find Portray offers far more expressiveness than a simple photo filter, allowing you to sculpt the results to perfection. If you’re in a hurry though, a tap is all it takes to get great results.

Portray - Wooji Juice Ltd

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