Night Bird Gerçek Dorman ios Music

Gerçek’s description:

Here is my new song “Night Bird” which is made with Magellan, Animoog, Daw MultiTrack, iKaossilator and Drumjam applications by using Audiobus aplication.

Anushri build final – glamour video

Video description:

Sound is all Anushri with a generous helping of reverb. Great kit, well engineered, fine for newbies like me. Get yours today, way fun.

eDrops Nature is now free

eDrops Nature is free right now, it was $0.99 before.

eDrops Nature - NOE GUERRERO

Rare chimera bc9 synthersizer on eBay with a day to go

I can’t believe is still has no bids on it. The price appears to have come down, but only to £275 from £300, but then it’s a collector’s item and there won’t be any new ones coming out.

chimera bc9 synthersizer on eBay

Shruthi 1 Filter calibrator by TubeOhm

London Mobile Music Makers meet up

A date for your diary (if you’re going to be in London that is), the London Mobile Music Makers meet up (we still need a better name) is on the 23rd of this month. Details will be available soon.

DJ Player App Midi Map for DJTT Midi Fighter Pro

Video description:

Layout then video example of Midi Map I put together allowing you to control and use the DJ Player app on your iPad using a DJ Tech Tools Midi Fighter Pro. This mapping also works with the DJTT Midi Fighter Classic, but neglects the Volume and Fader options.

Songs in Demo are by: Krewella & 3oh!3

DJ Player - iMect Ltd.

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