We get a roadmap for Echo Pad

Holderness Media publish their roadmap for their excellent Echo Pad app. Here it is:

Echo Pad Roadmap: I thought users might appreciate a short term roadmap for Echo Pad to get an idea of what’s in the works for the next few updates. These features are currently being worked on and will be coming soon in the next 1-2 updates. Current ETA for these updates is roughly 2-8 weeks.

Currently in the works:

  • additional XY control of more parameters
  • revamped color scheme and UI changes
  • distortion/fuzz
  • additional delay types
  • MIDI clock sync
  • expanded looper functionality

The following ideas and features are being considered, but not yet promised for inclusion in a future update. User demand and practicality will determine their fate. Voice your opinion if you see something you want!

  • multi-track looper
  • export processed audio separate from dry
  • import from iPod library
  • simple sampler
  • bit-crusher/decimator

Echo Pad - Holderness Media Inc

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