SpheroSampler (video)

Review from Apps4devices:

SpheroSampler is a unique sampler that records and plays audio using two touch controlled 3D spheres. It has a simple but effective synth that is played using an XY pad, and also records through the mic. You can also use an adapter to plug in a mic or even your guitar. I really like the whole concept of this app, especially the way you can record and play back at any speed, both forward and reverse. You can create variation in the speed, and constantly direct the play head to new places on the recording. This is a free app, with a $0.99 in-app purchase for saving and exporting recorded and mixed wav files through iTunes. At first I was disappointed that only iTunes exporting was offered, but soon heard back from the developer that Audio Copy & Paste will be supported in the next update. I’ve really enjoyed using this app and love the endless creative possibilities it offers. It’s great to see new concepts for sampling like this, and with Audio Copy & Paste coming soon.

SpheroSampler - Svetlana Perevalova

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