Logique Analogique for iPad Video

Surely this has to be the most fun you can have with a circuit without having a circuit?

Logique Analogique - MN Signal Processing

Auria LE coming on Wednesday

WaveMachineLabs announce a new version of Auria, called Auria LE which will be priced at $24.99. Comparison below:

Squibler, it’s odd looking, and it’s free

I don’t know much about this app, it only arrived the other day and I didn’t get a chance to post about it, but now it’s free, so take a look. Here’s the very brief description of the app:

Touch sensitive compositional tool for the tech savvy experimental composer. Generate sin square sawtooth triangle and tangential waves.

Squibler - Paul Wand

MIDI Studio Pro universal arrives

Another new MIDI Controller arrives today …

Midi Studio is a modular MIDI control surface for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad.

It supports sending CoreMidi messages over a Wi-Fi network using the UDP protocol for sending and receiving MIDI messages.

The application allows to remote control and receive feedback from software and hardware that implement the MIDI protocols such as Apple Logic Pro/Express, Ableton Live, Max for Live, Cubase, Pro Tools, FL Loops and many others.

The interface provides a number of different touch controls to send and receive messages:

Faders / Rotary controls / Encoder controls / Push buttons / Toggle buttons / XY pads / LEDs / Labels, etc.

Midi Studio Features:

  • Ability to create custom layouts
  • CoreMidi
  • WI-FI
  • USB adapters, like “Apple camera connection kit”, etc], with original Apple’s pc to iPhone/iPod cable it will not work!
  • True Velocity Sensitive (with the force of impact)
  • Modulation
  • Drums
  • Faders
  • Knobs
  • Buttons
  • Touch pads
  • Two Keyboards
  • Different Keys Size
  • Custom Key Scale – (Like: Major, Minor, Klezmer, etc…)

The app is priced at $22.99


Midi Studio updates

Midi Studio gets an update:

  • Totally redesigned UI.
  • Retina Support
  • Two Built-in Purchases added “Ability to create custom layouts”
    • More Layouts added:
    • Drums 4×4
    • DJ Mixer (Built-in Purchase)
    • DJ CD Player (Built-in Purchase)
    • DJ Vinyl Player (Built-in Purchase)
    • XY Pad’s
  • More Controls.
    • Virtual Midi added.
    • More Keyboard Presets
    • Keyboard Scale (Transpose)
    • Ability to move keys by finger 

and more…. Enjoy!

SynthX updates

SynthX gets updated:

  • Added support for the Ion All-Star Guitar. Added new scale and guitar tuning editors. Added the new “Solus” 2 oscillator per voice analog synth model. Optimizations and bug fixes.
  • When using SynthX with a guitar controller, we recommend an iPad2 or newer. iPad 1 works well with 4 synth voices or less.

SynthX - Way Out Ware, Inc.

Echo Pad – Tutorial – Recording loops with Audiobus

How to record loops in Echo Pad. Audiobus apps are used as the input source in this video, but the methods are the same for recording from the microphone or audio interface.

Echo Pad - Holderness Media Inc

tg77miditouch (video)

Yamaha TG77 synthesizer controlled with SYSEX using the iPad App “Midi Touch”. There isn’t much to see on the TG77 display since the backlight is broken.

MIDI Touch - Domestic Cat

Anyone going to be at CES?

If you’re going to be at CES this year and you wouldn’t mind taking a few pictures for Palm Sounds, please get in touch and let me know.


We get a roadmap for Echo Pad

Holderness Media publish their roadmap for their excellent Echo Pad app. Here it is:

Echo Pad Roadmap: I thought users might appreciate a short term roadmap for Echo Pad to get an idea of what’s in the works for the next few updates. These features are currently being worked on and will be coming soon in the next 1-2 updates. Current ETA for these updates is roughly 2-8 weeks.

Currently in the works:

  • additional XY control of more parameters
  • revamped color scheme and UI changes
  • distortion/fuzz
  • additional delay types
  • MIDI clock sync
  • expanded looper functionality

The following ideas and features are being considered, but not yet promised for inclusion in a future update. User demand and practicality will determine their fate. Voice your opinion if you see something you want!

  • multi-track looper
  • export processed audio separate from dry
  • import from iPod library
  • simple sampler
  • bit-crusher/decimator

Echo Pad - Holderness Media Inc

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