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Logique Analogique arrives

As I’m always in search of the strange app, this one really fits the bill. Here’s the description:

Create surprising, complex rhythms and distinct lo-fi sounds using the Logique Analogique app! This simulation of an existing circuit board includes an 8-bit counter, a parametrizable, analog implementation of logic functions, and a four-channel, 1-bit sound generation. 

The app is priced at $2.99

Logique Analogique - MN Signal Processing

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JellyBeanBeatBox arrives on the app store

Whilst I’ve heard that this app is a bit toylike it sounds great.

JellyBeanBeatBox streams what you see into what you hear by converting live video taken on your iPhone into block-rocking sounds. An awesome, creativity-inspiring app from kids to professional DJs and everyone in between.

JellyBeanBeatBox splits your live camera feed into a grid of rows and columns. It then identifies what color is in each cell of the grid and plays a different sound for each color. Different rows make different pitches, while different columns represent the beats of a measure of music. JellyBeanBeatBox was designed for synthesizing music by arranging different flavors of jellybeans. But it can be used with any type of object or even to explore the rhythms in the natural world.

JellyBeanBeatBox comes preloaded with 9 different sound sets (NoiseCore, SpaceCore, SynthPop, House, Dub, BigBeat, Rap, Orchestra, and Rock). You can also create your own sound sets using any of the & 100 preinstalled sounds or use our website to convert your own sounds into JellyBeanBeatBox format.

The app is priced at $0.99.

JellyBeanBeatBox - Sean Megason

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Hearing Rumours about FL Studio Mobile

Rumblings that it may be getting the Audiobus treatment according to their forum.

Thanks to Sean for this tip off.

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iPad Synth Guitar Controller Demo II (with ION All-Star Guitar)

New Features:

  • Output switch to control different synth apps (in demo: ThumbJam with JamUp Tube Preamp and effects chained on Audiobus, SampleWiz standalone)
  • Touch Y-axis volume control (X-axis velocity and aftertouch)
  • Single string playing and strumming across strings
  • Octave and transpose control
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MIDI Control with Audiobus

MIDI Control is a synthesizer controller app for iOS, with support for Audiobus recording.

Using virtual MIDI, you can control multiple synthesizers at the same time. With dual keyboards that rotate around, two people can play at the same time. Recordings made through Audiobus can be copied and pasted easily into other apps.

MIDI Control - Secret Base Design

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MIDI Control update

MIDI Control adds Audiobus!

MIDI Control - Secret Base Design

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Teenage Engineering 15% off sale

Just a reminder if you didn’t know, but Teenage Engineering currently has a 15% off sale.

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Mebleepy by unloopy


Here’s what unloopy says about this track: A little test of my Meeblip synth. No effects or tidying up, just a little help from a microkorg.

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Echo Pad now supporting all three Audiobus slots

Audiobus Effect slot support! Now Echo Pad supports all 3 slots!

  • Effect
  • Input
  • Output

Echo Pad - Holderness Media Inc

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MoDrum & BassLine – Audiobus

It’s great to see both MoDrum and BassLine get the Audiobus treatment.

Markus Waldboth