Small update for the Wablet

The Wablet is a load of fun to play with and it’s good to know that it’s already got an update, albeit a minor one. Here’s what’s new:

  • New “droplet mesh”.
  • End point of drawn scan path is marked.

The Wablet - Robert Tubb

Music iPad App: Sunrizer Filter Tweaking

Video description:

Music Ipad app look at Sunrizer app filter section. One of the nicest sounding synths for ios out there and my second video on the app using just one feature.

Sunrizer synth - BeepStreet

I’ve been meaning to say thank you to these guys …

And so I’m finally getting around to it. The Mobile Music Advent Calendar was done in collaboration with these excellent mobile music bloggers:

A big thank you to these guys. If you don’t know of them then please take some time to visit their sites.

The steadfast heart Part1 (made with Novation Launchkey)

The steadfast heart Part1 by ryouichi harada.

Novation Launchkey - Novation

Make’s best Raspberry Pi projects of 2012

There’s some really cool ones in here including at least one that I’ve posted on before, but I knew that a few people would be interested in this.

IKM Bringing something new at CES and NAMM this month?

They’ve been tweeting about it, but who knows what exactly it’ll mean? They’re not giving away much with this news item at their web site.

Electric Guitar Solo & Rock Organ w/ Sound Wand MIDI App

Video Description:

Sound Wand MIDI is a new kind of motion-based MIDI controller. FREE until the end of the holiday week: (and then $9.99). Works with other MIDI apps too!

All the sounds are from Native Instrument’s Kontakt 4 Library…

Sound Wand MIDI - Club 15CC

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