Grain Bastard – MD, Mopho & Samplr Jam 26/12/2012 from Grain Bastard on Vimeo.


Hi, I had an Elektron MachineDrum for Xmas so I had a quick jam on Boxing day with it hooked up to my DSI Mopho & the wonderful Samplr app for the iPad. Samplr has no midi options yet (please add midi-sync!!!) so I tried to sync it manually. Even though I matched the tempo (115bpm) on the devices, one of them (I suspect the ipad!!) drifts worse than a knackered old belt-drive turntable, so apologies for sections of questionable ‘looseness’… (you might want to skip a couple of minutes in as I get better!! lol) – it’s also a bit repetitive because of having to spend so much time with the sync but I had only had the setup for one day, so hopefully future vids will improve 🙂

Thanks for watching, if you want to contact me there is an email at the end of the vid and if you want to hear more goto :-

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