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Caelestis video by Apps4idevicesMusic

Video Description:

Caelestis is a sample based generative music app that creates unique and very interesting results. It uses bouncing balls that generate notes as they bounce off the walls of the three different shaped rooms. The sound balls can be initiated at any velocity, and the shaped rooms can be rotated at different speeds to create interesting combinations. Each sample can be pitched by semitone increments, and assigned to one of three octave ranges. It is a free app with a $0.99 in-app purchase for importing and exporting samples and recordings. I should note that all file management is accessed through the Audio Copy section, and for referencing tempo, you need to run a drum app in the background. But I have to say that I find this app to be very impressive, with a great range of features, and it’s very easy to use. The unique layers of sounds and rhythms really make Caelestis … A Killer App!
Review by Nick Trass

Caelestis - james milton

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MIDI Designer: What are Sequential Subcontrols?

A little video from MIDI Designer that shows how sequential subcontrols work (MIDI Designer 1.4.3).

MIDI Designer Pro - Confusionists LLC

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MIDI Designer and the Shruthi-1

Another in my series of little videos looking at controlling a Shruthi-1.

MIDI Designer Pro - Confusionists LLC

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Grain Bastard – MD, Mopho & Samplr Jam 26/12/2012

Grain Bastard – MD, Mopho & Samplr Jam 26/12/2012 from Grain Bastard on Vimeo.


Hi, I had an Elektron MachineDrum for Xmas so I had a quick jam on Boxing day with it hooked up to my DSI Mopho & the wonderful Samplr app for the iPad. Samplr has no midi options yet (please add midi-sync!!!) so I tried to sync it manually. Even though I matched the tempo (115bpm) on the devices, one of them (I suspect the ipad!!) drifts worse than a knackered old belt-drive turntable, so apologies for sections of questionable ‘looseness’… (you might want to skip a couple of minutes in as I get better!! lol) – it’s also a bit repetitive because of having to spend so much time with the sync but I had only had the setup for one day, so hopefully future vids will improve 🙂

Thanks for watching, if you want to contact me there is an email at the end of the vid and if you want to hear more goto :-


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London Music Hack Space Performance tomorrow

If you’re around the Music Hack Space is having a performances evening tomorrow, the 4th of Jan. Full details here.

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Calaestis and Animoog iPad jam by SaveAs


Here’s what SaveAs says about this track: Calaestis/Animoog/LoopyHD/Audiobus/Multitrack DAW

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Survival Guide for Bands (free eBooks)

Thought that some people would be interested in this. Via Hypebot.

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Elochka (SunVox + Pixilang)

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Ubuntu Phones are coming, but, so what?

So Ubuntu is coming to mobiles, but what will it mean for mobile music, if indeed it will mean anything at all. Having read some of the stuff at their site it looks like they’re after the enterprise market and not the consumer, so perhaps it won’t do much at all for mobile music.

What do you think?

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Scape + Figure jam#4 (dArk aUthority)


-Scape app with ipad 1
-Figure app with iPod touch 4g