A huge thank you to Alex, developer of Sunvox

As I’ve known of Alex’s work since before Sunvox, when he was making things for Palm OS and Windows Mobile it is wonderful to see how people have enjoyed his apps on iOS and on Android too now. The world of NightRadio is truly cross platform.

So a big thank you to Alex for being a part of the mobile music advent calendar this year and I hope that Sunvox and his other apps go from strength to strength in 2013.

Alexander Zolotov

iPad AnimoogGDsound (sound only)

This is a sound demo only, not an actual video.

Animoog - Moog Music Inc.

Arpeggionome Pro Demo And Review

This is a real monster of a video showing Arpeggionome Pro controlling a variety of synth apps.

Arpeggionome Pro - Alexandernaut

No kitten videos here, but a baby playing Tachyon, I’ll squeeze that one in

Just a little Shruthi love, that’s all

A big thank you to Sonosaurus LLC

Who are the makers of ThumbJam and DrumJam too. A thank you for being part of our mobile music advent calendar this year and for being so generous with promo codes for both of these excellent apps.

Thumbjam remains as one of my all time favourite apps for iOS and just gets better and better in my opinion. Here’s to a great 2013 for both apps.

Sonosaurus LLC

A few last deals to get on the app store in 2012: Addictive microSynth 75% off

Addictive microSynth is still 75% off with the price down from $3.99 to just $0.99.

Addictive microSynth - VirSyn

nils manual now available

You can find it here.

(A very short video of) Monotron Emulator running under Android on Nexus 7

Not too much to say about this one really.

One final mention of Bhajis Loops for 2012

I couldn’t let New Year’s Eve go without mentioning one of my all time favourite apps, Bhajis Loops.

I last mentioned both Bhajis Loops and Microbe as part of my 24 apps of 2012 (although there may only have been 23). Both of these are still completely free although you can’t use either of these on iOS (there is an emulator for jailbroken devices) you’d have to invest a modest sum in an old Pam Tungsten T3 from eBay or a Palm Tungsten TX. Well worth it in my opinion!

Of course I secretly (although not so secretly now as I’m about to tell you all) still hold out the tiniest of hopes that Bhajis will somehow come to iOS, or even Android! But of course this won’t happen.

Perhaps next year I might make some videos to convince people of the music making abilities of Bhajis. Who knows.

Finally, if you’re interested, I’ve put out a couple of unfinished collections of pieces which were both made using Bhajis which you can find on Bandcamp if you’re interested. But I still maintain that Bhajis is one of the best ever mobile music applications. iOS is getting close, but it isn’t quite there as yet in some ways.

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