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MIDI Pattern Sequencer submitted to the app store

Just got to wait for it to get approved now! No idea on pricing as yet though. When I know I’ll post about it.

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Novation LaunchKey (video)

Novation Launchkey - Novation

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Droneo gets on the Audiobus

Another app adopts Audiobus. This time Droneo from Henry Lowengard, maker of a number of fine iOS music making applications.

“Droneo is a synthesizer which drones with various timbres and precise intonations that blur the distinction between tones, timbres and chords.”

It’s certainly an interesting app and one of the more unusual apps to be added to the Audiobus stable. Personally, I hope to see a lot more like it in 2013.

Droneo - Henry Lowengard

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Bits and Pieces from Ugo Capeto

If you like your music on the DS side then have a listen to this set of reworked pieces from Ugo Capeto who’s been making DS music for quite some time now.

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Last 2 days of Korg 50% off sale

It’s the last couple days to get the iMS-20, both iElectribes, iKaossilator, and the new iPolysix at 50% off. It all ends by the end of 2012 so don’t leave it too late and miss out ok.


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KORG M01 + Stylophone, and MicroSynth – The Swallow / BakaOscillator


Composed By BakaOscillator.
Use, KORG M01, Stylophone, Electro Harmonix MicroSynthesizer BOSS NF-1.

Well that’s some great Stylophone work if nothing else!

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ReBirth for iPad: 2 days left

Don’t forget that ReBirth for iPad is down to $9.99 for another two days until the end of the year.

ReBirth for iPad - Propellerhead Software AB

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IKM Sale has 2 days left to go

Only two more days of the IK Multimedia sale to go. This includes apps and IAPs for up to 50% off. Their sale will end as soon as 2013 begins, so if you wanted to get something from them a bit cheaper don’t miss the deadline.

IK Multimedia

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What I need is something like ViziBasic for PixiLang

Wouldn’t that be awesome? If you’re wondering what on earth I’m talking about then don’t worry. I’m not going mad.

ViziBasic was (is) a visual editor for a BASIC language for the Palm OS. It let you create apps for Palm OS on the device, including compiling them. So wouldn’t it be amazing if you could have something like that for iOS or probably more likely for Android that could be used with PixiLang which has some awesome sound generating possibilities.

Just a thought. Alex, if you’re reading this, what do you think?

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A little reminder for developers

Take a quick look at the developers page, it might be useful to you.

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