LiveFX for iPad – coming soon to the App Store:

Dynamic Effects Processor
Any audio source can be processed; the build in iTunes player, a DJ set, a mixing board, an instrument, vocals and (with Audiobus) any other audio app. Create your own combination of audio effects, and simultaneously control up to four effects using a single fingertip or use multi touch for auto dynamic sound effects. Make music with features that truly stand out from the crowd. Introducing LiveFX for iPad; it’s sound control evolved to a whole new level.

LiveFX Highlights

  • Hook up any source or even use an other app with Audiobus
  • Control multiple effects in realtime using the intuitive LiveFX touchpad

  • Create your own LiveFX combinations and use up to four effects at once
  • Use multi touch to create a auto dynamic effect
  • Use one of the many preset-banks or save your own
  • With Audiobus access those presets from within an other app
  • Make your own effect combination from the countless possibilities

  • Lock button holds the effect settings, for dazzling hands-free use

  • Versatile and highly playable effects control, delivering unimaginable expression

  • Cool Looper effects — Forward, Reverse and Slice — add new audio intensity

  • Mix it up with new DJ emulation Vinyl Break and Ducking Compressor effects
  • Auto BPM detection and Tap Tempo keeps your LiveFX locked to the beat

Twelve years ago, Korg introduced the Kaoss Pad. Now elephantcandy takes this a step further using the iPad and smart, ultra interactive software. This will create a whole new range of possible sounds and ways for the DJ/music scene to explore their creativity. An iPad with LiveFX has become an instrument with no limits.

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