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retronyms Vol2 Intro

Via the Retronyms blog.

iMPC - Akai Professional

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A few treats from the lovely people at Retronyms

They published these on Christmas Eve so I’m a little late in posting it on, but there are some nice Tabletop themed desktop bits over here from the nice people at Retronyms.

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MIDI Pattern Sequencer

MIDI Pattern Sequencer for iPad. Make a simple song demo.

MIDI Pattern Sequencer is a tool with powerful and at the same time very comfortable, intuitive and easy interface. It is the main feature, through which the sequencer can easily used by anyone, from beginner to professional, and everyone will find it most necessary for their own purposes.

Via Motion Soundscape.

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Glitchbreaks gets External MIDI

GlitchBreaks - Alex Matheu

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More Shruthi-1 and TouchOSC

This was a bit more fun.

TouchOSC - hexler

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More detail on SphereTones

The developer’s site has loads of information about SphereTones, and his other apps too.

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SphereTones for Android

You can find SphereTones on the Google Play.

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"No Toys Allowed" post at Music App Blog

This is a useful post from the music app blog. Interesting stuff, and worth a read. Certainly I agree with it.

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KORG iELECTRIBE v1.6 New Function "Beat Flutter"


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Another little mobile music device

Something else I got for Christmas this year. I’ve no idea what I’m doing with it, but it makes a hell of a noise.

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