RØDE Rec arrives and looks very familiar …

Remind you of another app? Yep, so guess who was involved …

Looking forward to the iOS announcements coming from @rodemics …

Here’s the rest of the app’s description:

RØDE Microphones presents RØDE Rec, the definitive audio recording app for iPhone and iPod touch.

RØDE Rec combines professional features with an intuitive interface, making it easy to record, edit and publish broadcast-quality audio directly from your iOS device.

Featuring real-time waveforms, a suite of non-linear editing capabilities and powerful EQ and gain controls, RØDE Rec is the only field recorder you’ll ever need.

Broadcast quality audio

  • High resolution 16-bit, 48kHz stereo/mono recording
  • EQ and dynamics: Compression, high/low-pass filter, and frequency cut/boost
  • Live input monitoring
  • Preset recording profiles for a range of common situations (lecture, concert, interview and more)

Complete editing tools

  • Real-time waveform and one-touch markers
  • Landscape mode provides greater visibility when editing
  • Non linear cut/copy/paste/crop
  • Waveform looping
  • Normalise volume and change gain levels

One touch publishing

  • Output in multiple formats including WAV, AIFF, AAC, Apple Lossless, FLAC and more
  • Multiple formats via iTunes file Sharing
  • Direct publish to SoundCloud and Dropbox
  • Upload via FTP

The app is priced at $5.99

RØDE Rec - RØDE Microphones

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