24 Apps of 2012: iMS-20

Another app I keep coming back to is KORG’s iMS-20. I mean, what’s not to like with virtual patch cables? Even though I do wonder what Korg will do next in terms of bringing their existing hardware out as iOS apps I think that what they’ve done is excellent and the iMS-20 is a prime example of that.

In some ways it’s a strange kind of an app as it is not entirely a pure recreation of the original hardware, which really is a good thing as that would have made the app very limited indeed, but also it combines a fairly simple to use sequencer with a much more complex synth (include the previously mentioned virtual patch cables) which can take some getting used to. I suppose in many ways that’s something I’m quite fond of.

So KORG’s iMS-20 makes it into my 24 apps of 2012, which probably comes as no surprise to many. I was really pleased to see Korg update it and even to bring Audiobus to it this month, which is a great sign that they’re prepared to keep these things alive.

I hope for at least another update in 2013, but who knows what we’ll be expecting developers to add as a standard next year?


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