A very merry Christmas to all

I hope you have a peaceful and very musical time over the next few days. I’ll be taking a couple of days off until the 27th when I’ll be back with the obligatory “what did you get for Christmas” post.

Until then, have a peaceful time.


24 Apps of 2012: Audiobus

Audiobus couldn’t really not be in my 24 apps of 2012 (although I think I may have only got to 23), but the principle remains. Anyway, Audiobus is in the list simply because it brings so many things together, which is really a good way to end this list.

Of course there are lots of other apps that I could include and that I enjoy a lot, but the ones I’ve kept on the list are special for a number of reasons. It could be innovation, or which Audiobus is a prime example, or for expressiveness, but they each distinguish themselves as unique, and are worth celebrating.

Audiobus - A Tasty Pixel


Genome MIDI Sequencer by Apps4idevicesMusic

Genome MIDI Sequencer - White Noise Audio Software


A big thank you to Alex Matheu

A special thank you to Alex Matheu who stepped in to our mobile music advent calendar somewhat late in the day as someone else had to drop out. So we’re especially grateful for Alex being so helpful.

But of course Alex brought us the awesome GlitchBreaks which I know that many people love. It’s a great app and it’s consistently gone from strength to strength in 2012.

So we look forward to another year of great things from GlitchBreaks and from Alex and say thanks for this year and the amazing updates you’ve delivered.

Alex Matheu


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Synth ARP & Drum Pad by Apps4idevicesMusic


App Sound: BeatMaker 2 "GuitarPack"


A big thank you to Audanika

Audanika have played a critical role in bringing Audiobus to the app store and for that alone I’d be saying a big thank you on behalf of the community. But over and above that Audanika took part in our mobile music advent calendar at what must have been an incredibly busy time.

So a big thank you to Audanika and best wishes for 2013, and who knows, maybe the Currywurst will be on me next time?

Audanika GmbH


Musix Pro – Epic Isomorphic Harmony Music Instrument

Musix Pro - Epic Isomorphic Harmony Music Instrument - Shiverware


24 Apps of 2012: Impaktor

Impaktor is without a doubt one of the most innovative drum apps to arrive in a long time. A few have tried to do something similar but Impaktor really does what it sets out to and very effectively.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using it and I hope it continues to evolve along with the other excellent BeepStreet apps.

It’s firmly in my 24 apps of 2012.

Impaktor - The drum synthesizer - BeepStreet