24 Apps of 2012: BeatMaker 2

I have to say that BeatMaker 2 is one of those apps that I just go back to as a good place to start with an idea. It has become so versatile and so well rounded in terms of it’s functionality that it is for many of us just a mainstay of our mobile music tool kit now.

Certainly it has that role for me.

I’m looking forward to another year of BeatMaker 2 updates taking it further and further, and maybe, is BeatMaker 3 on the way?

BeatMaker 2 - INTUA

24 Apps of 2012: NodeBeat

NodeBeat is in my 24 Apps of 2012 as it’s one of the few that has gone very cross platform and made a real success of it. I think NodeBeat’s success is in part due to how versatile it is. If you’re not a musician and just want it to play some music for you it’s excellent. If you’re using virtual MIDI and want to connect it up it’s good too. But it operates at both ends of the musical expertise spectrum without dumbing down for any user or making itself overly complex. That’s a nice piece of design.

So I look forward to more functionality in NodeBeat in 2013 and also something new I hope from AffinityBlue, and, if their prototypes are anything to go by, it’ll be fun.

NodeBeat - AffinityBlue

A big thank you to Holderness Media

A big thank you to Holderness media for supporting the mobile music advent calendar this year with their excellent Echo Pad app. We really appreciate your support and look forward to a great year of music making with Holderness Media apps in 2013.

Holderness Media Inc

What a week that was, here are the highlights …

Yep, another round up of the last week, and there was a huge amount of news in there, so here are the most important bits in my opinion:

Well, having compiled that list it was even more than I remembered. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and don’t forget the Reforge contest!

Mobile Music Calendar 23: Reforge Promo Code Give Away

Apologies for the delay. Grain Science Codes gone out now

Sorry it took a bit longer than normal, but the codes have gone out now. There’s even more treats to come up in our last two days of the mobile music advent calendar, and the next one is coming up very soon.

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