It’s become an annual event now. PalmSounds and Concreted0g meeting up for drinks at Christmas with the usual conversation of retro and rare PDAs and electronics, projects, ideas and uber geekiness.

This year Mr Concreted0g was kind enough to bring two new additions to his collection (making me jealous in the process of course), the N800 and N810, and I have to say they are lovely indeed. I’m sure that he’ll do interesting things with them, and I really look forward to that. But he also raised some interesting points about older devices and architectures and how easy it is for them to be not only forgotten but lost completely.

I reminds me of sites like Newton Poetry which keeps the Newton alive in people’s minds and which I always read even though I’ve never owned one.

It’s important to keep these things going and to find new uses for the hardware. Let’s face it. It’s cheap and can do a lot, so why not use it?

Anyway, back to the annual Christmas do, it was, as expected, a great success and who knows, next year we might even invite a few more people along! What do you think Mr Concreted0g?

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