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Retronyms would like you to do some remixing please

On Tabletop of course. Here‘s what they want.

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naturalbornchiller feat. NightRadio – Siberian Beauty

Not sure what part NightRadio played or if Sunvox was involved or not, but it sounds nice so I thought I’d post it anyway.

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24 Apps of 2012: ShapeSynth

Another unique app to add to my list for this year. Shapesynth is the only app I know of that works with the Sphero ball as a controller. If that wasn’t enough, it’s a pretty unique synth app. I especially love the tape controls, but you’ll need to see that for yourself I think.

Shapesynth just keeps getting better, as do many of the developer’s other apps. Take a look at them all. They’re different, and I like that a lot.

shapesynth - Erik Sigth

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Reminder: Grain Science Give Away today

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ReBirth for iPad and Figure (video)

That was fun!

Propellerhead Software AB

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Arctic Keys is on the bus …

So, it must be cold on that bus now? Sorry, really poor joke. You’ll probably find the same in a Christmas cracker.

Anyway, yep Arctic Keys is now Audiobus compliant. It’s a big list of apps now!

Arctic Keys - One Red Dog Media

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PPG Wavegenerator review at Smite Matter

Smite Matter reviews PPG Wavegenerator.

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24 Apps of 2012: Donut

I can understand why this one might sound a bit strange. It is, and perhaps that’s one of the main reasons I like it so much. It is without a doubt one of the most unique and unusual apps I’ve seen, but then that is the nature of the Strange Agency after all.

To explain it’s probably easiest to see it in action:

I keep going back to it to experiment and play and enjoy, and as such it is firmly in my 24 apps of 2012.

Donut - The Strange Agency LLC

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Some more info on the new iPad Sequencer

Sorry, just noticed that the developer had started another site with a load of information on that new sequencer app. Here it is, and here‘s the link to his other site:

The best things:

  • Indispensable tool in creation of final composition or experiments with rhythm and phrase patterns.
  • User interface is designed so that all features of the current mode are available immediately or through one or two steps.
  • Can be operated with one hand, even with one finger, in any place of your workspace to which you can reach.
  • Does not have complicated gestures, very small elements which are inconvenient for clicks, clumsy scrolling and distracting realistic interface elements. Just only single click and move fader.

Main features:

  • Classical data structure: Project – Song – Pattern.
  • Four main control modes – Transport, Keyboard, Edit pattern, Edit cell.
  • No need to save data. All changes will be saved automatically.
  • Pattern tracks can be configured for notes or drum events.
  • Real-time recording and editing patterns.
  • Recording and editing events through internal keyboard or external devices.
  • Playback one or more patterns at once. Start and stop patterns during playback.
  • Changes pattern events (Transposition, Velocity, Duration) during playback.
  • Editing individual events or changes all events in track.
  • Length of pattern is defined by last note or can be set to fixed value.
  • Correct simultaneous playback patterns with different length.
  • Each pattern and song track have individual mute/solo function.
  • Song can contain patterns from current project and patterns from any other projects.
  • Extended set of editing functions for patterns and songs – insert, delete, move and scroll a single event or entire track.
  • Ability to set track titles, pattern titles (pattern button titles) and drum pad titles.
  • Set of different color schemes of interface.

MIDI features:

  • Full support of all external MIDI interfaces based on CoreMIDI (like iRig, MIDI Mobilizer II, StudioConnect, iConnectMIDI, IO dock, Camera Connection Kit).
  • Each track can be configured for output to any MIDI channel (or more channels) and different devices. Creating virtual MIDI port for connect to internal iPad applications (like PPG Wave, SampleTank, GarageBand and others).
  • Synchronization with external device that send MIDI clock.
  • Send own MIDI clock to external devices and applications as master device.
  • Send transport commands Start/Stop/Continue to external devices.
  • Controlled by external transport commands Start/Stop/Continue.


  • Internal metronome on standard audio output.
  • Metronome can start at recording only or at playback and recording.
  • Metronome can start immediately or within one or two measures before.

MIDI Console:

  • MIDI console displays all input MIDI messages in convenient form.
  • Activity indicator shows channels of incoming MIDI messages.
  • Displays external BPM value and status of synchronization.
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Motion Soundscape bringing a new Sequencer to your iPad

It looks interesting, very monochromatic and in some ways a bit like Genome. We’ll see what it’s like when it arrives. You can find the developer’s post about it here.

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