24 Apps of 2012: Bhajis Loops

Well you didn’t think I’d let an opportunity like this go by without plugging my much loved Palm OS and Bhajis Loops.

Both Bhajis Loops and Microbe are still completely excellent mobile music making apps. Of course, you can’t use either of these on iOS (although there is an emulator for jailbroken devices), even so it’s best to use the real thing, and if you’re interested I’d suggest a Pam Tungsten T3 from eBay or a Palm Tungsten TX for that matter.

I’ve put out a couple of unfinished collections of pieces which were both made using Bhajis which you can find on Bandcamp if you’re interested. But I still maintain that Bhajis is one of the best ever mobile music applications. iOS is getting close, but it isn’t quite there as yet in some ways.

So Bhajis makes it into my 24 apps of 2012 even though I’ve barely used it these year. It’s still up there, and probably always will be.

Using apps that don’t support Audiobus with Audiobus NOW

Audiobus - A Tasty Pixel

Ok Korg, so you think you can make me want a Kaossilator 2 even more

Ok, you can. Thanks

Grain Science give away now closed

The codes will go out tomorrow morning now. Thanks to everyone who entered and especial thanks to Wooji Juice for give away the codes.

Wooji Juice Ltd

Bitwiz getting an audio slider. Hoorah!

BitWiz Audio Synth - Kymatica (Jonatan Liljedahl)

MIDI learn function: iMPC [within Tabletop]

Via BeatMakerTV.

iMPC - Akai Professional

Report from the (now) annual PalmSounds and Concreted0g Christmas Party

It’s become an annual event now. PalmSounds and Concreted0g meeting up for drinks at Christmas with the usual conversation of retro and rare PDAs and electronics, projects, ideas and uber geekiness.

This year Mr Concreted0g was kind enough to bring two new additions to his collection (making me jealous in the process of course), the N800 and N810, and I have to say they are lovely indeed. I’m sure that he’ll do interesting things with them, and I really look forward to that. But he also raised some interesting points about older devices and architectures and how easy it is for them to be not only forgotten but lost completely.

I reminds me of sites like Newton Poetry which keeps the Newton alive in people’s minds and which I always read even though I’ve never owned one.

It’s important to keep these things going and to find new uses for the hardware. Let’s face it. It’s cheap and can do a lot, so why not use it?

Anyway, back to the annual Christmas do, it was, as expected, a great success and who knows, next year we might even invite a few more people along! What do you think Mr Concreted0g?

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