Angels We Have Heard on High: Orphion & Audiobus

Angels We Have Heard on High: Orphion & Audiobus from Orphion on Vimeo.

Orphion - Bastus Trump

REWORK_ (Philip Glass Remixed)

I know this won’t appeal to everyone, but for some it’ll be wonderful.

REWORK_ (Philip Glass Remixed) is an interactive tour through the amazing new REWORK_ album that remixes Philip Glass’ music. The app includes eleven interactive visualizations for the remixed songs, along with an interactive “Glass Machine” that lets people create their own music inspired by Philip Glass’ early music.

The idea for the REWORK_ album came together during a conversation between Philip Glass and his friend and new collaborator Beck. The pair recruited producer Hector Castillo (David Bowie, Björk, Lou Reed) to help assemble a collection of remixes of Glass’ works by a list of critically acclaimed artists including Beck himself, Tyondai Braxton, Amon Tobin, Cornelius, Dan Deacon, Johann Johannsson, Nosaj Thing, Memory Tapes, Silver Alert, Pantha du Prince, My Great Ghost and Peter Broderick.

To complement the album, app developer Snibbe Studio (creator of Björk’s Biophilia app) created the REWORK_ app to give fans an interactive musical experience.
What’s new

REWORK_ 1.1 features 11 interactive music visualizers and the interactive instrument Glass Machine.

The app is priced at $9.99

REWORK_ (Philip Glass Remixed) - Scott Snibbe Studio, Inc.

MultiTrack DAW updates

MultiTrack DAW updates from 3.2 with a few addition fixes etc. Always good to see this get some attention as it is my constant DAW for my iPhone. Here’s what’s new from 3.2 onwards:

  • Introducing Audiobus support: Now you can receive live audio directly from other Audiobus-compatible apps! See for more information.
  • New SoundCloud upload form.
  • Projects with 8 or less tracks are now Uncached, for filespace savings.
  • Max song length increased to 120 minutes for cached projects, and 300 minutes for uncached projects.
  • Zoom out now holds 200 seconds per screen width.
  • Increased screen width for iPhone 5 displays.
  • New easy to read Input Sources lists all mono, stereo, and audiobus sources for each track.
  • Bugfix: iOS 6 issues.
  • Bugfix: Compressor on A6 devices.
  • Bugfix: m4a mime type for emailing.
  • Bugfix: input source selection on iOS 5.

MultiTrack DAW - Harmonicdog

BACH: Christmas Oratorio on mobile devices – by DigiEnsemble Berlin featuring Tobias Berndt

A bit about Lemur 4

There’s quite a lot gone into the new version of Lemur so I thought it’d be worth just posting some of the detail out of the press release.

In-App Editor
Lemur has evolved. Now you can design your templates on the fly without a computer in sight. The In-App Editor (only available for iPad) makes multitouch control truly improvisatory by letting you shape your controller the same way you shape sounds. Virtually every function of the desktop editor application is now available through an intuitive system of iOS menus and widgets. Best of all – it’s easier to use than ever.

So what does editing templates directly In-App mean?

For novice users, this means a much smaller learning curve and an immediate initial experience. Any basic configuration, such as a typical bank of faders, can now be created with a few familiar taps and gestures. And any factory template can be adjusted quickly to suit your particular needs.

For advanced users, the In-App Editor provides the possibility to quickly edit templates without breaking the musical flow. Whether you’re playing with live musicians or engineering a track in the studio, designing and using the Lemur controller becomes improvisatory. Need to add an extra fader for the reverb effect? Two seconds and you’ve got it.

Lemur now features three new skins in addition to the classic look. Choose the look that fits your style and get inspired.

Coming early 2013 – LiveControl 2
Experience the ultimate Ableton Live controller, designed in partnership with master designer ST8. Improvise a riff on the Play page, then switch to the Sequencer page to edit the pattern. Choose a key and scale to guide your melodies and use Quick Chord to instantly create harmonies. Use the Modulate page to flawlessly map any parameter from any plugin to the MultiBall object and take advantage of Physics, LFOs and gesture recording. The Launch page gives you everything you would expect from a clip launcher, and more. We even integrated snapshots and morphing. LiveControl 2 will be a free download available in early 2013.

Lemur - Liine

Mobile Music Advent Calendar 21: Sunvox price drop

Sunvox is our treat of the day! Down to just $2.99 from $4.99.

SunVox - Alexander Zolotov

Cubasis for ipad effects review

Cubasis for ipad effects review from borracho on Vimeo.

Via iPad Music.

Cubasis - Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

Grain Science update

Grain Science updates and adds Audiobus support! Which is of course, excellent.

Grain Science - Wooji Juice Ltd

GyroSynth still at $0.99

GyroSynth is still only $0.99 and of course is also Audiobus compatible, so really worth having a look at.

GyroSynth - BeepStreet

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