24 Apps of 2012: Audulus

I really like the idea of a modular environment for making sounds and effects and there have only been a few of these available for iOS to date. Whilst Audulus is the newest it has several advantages over the others.

The first is that it is both an iPad app and a Mac app and that you can move patches from your iPad to your mac. That’s not only quite impressive, but also very useful indeed.

The second, and arguably the most important is that it is now Audiobus enabled and so can be used as part of a wider set up of apps working together. That creates some serious musical possibilities for this app.

Audulus provides an environment that now allows for experimentation and real use alongside other apps which makes it one of the most versatile applications for synth experimentation and learning.

And finally, it’s lots of fun to play with, so why not give it a try while it’s 25% off.

Audulus - Wilson Holliday

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