Slighty ahead of Schedule, Sunvox becomes day 21 of our mobile music calendar

SunVox drops from $4.99 to $2.99. Enjoy one of the most unique music making apps availble on iOS, Android and many other platforms too.

SunVox - Alexander Zolotov

24 Apps of 2012: Audulus

I really like the idea of a modular environment for making sounds and effects and there have only been a few of these available for iOS to date. Whilst Audulus is the newest it has several advantages over the others.

The first is that it is both an iPad app and a Mac app and that you can move patches from your iPad to your mac. That’s not only quite impressive, but also very useful indeed.

The second, and arguably the most important is that it is now Audiobus enabled and so can be used as part of a wider set up of apps working together. That creates some serious musical possibilities for this app.

Audulus provides an environment that now allows for experimentation and real use alongside other apps which makes it one of the most versatile applications for synth experimentation and learning.

And finally, it’s lots of fun to play with, so why not give it a try while it’s 25% off.

Audulus - Wilson Holliday

DrumJam give away is now closed

Thanks to everyone who entered. I will be sending out the codes shortly.

Animoog moves up to 2.0

Now that’s a hell of an update:

  • Scale Lock
  • Note Hold Function
  • Battery Indicator
  • Accelerometer as a Mod Source
  • Audiobus Compatibility
  • Load/Save MIDI CC maps
  • Sonoma Audiocopy/Audiopaste integration
  • Double-Tap to delete Path points

Now Available in the Animoog Store:

  • New 4-Track recorder (for iPad 2 or above)- Now you can record, edit, loop, import from iTunes and export to Soundcloud all from within the Animoog world. As a gift to Animoog users, the 4-Track recorder is completely free through Dec 31, 2012.
  • Grateful Dead Expansion Pack- An incredible new Timbre/Preset pack created from a live performance by the Grateful Dead at the Carousel Ballroom on 2/14/68

Animoog - Moog Music Inc.

Xmas Synth Jam with KORG iPolysix

KORG iPolysix - KORG INC.

Christmas presents for the mobile musician 10: iTunes vouchers

Always a safe bet at Christmas. The gift that lets you return to your iTunes wish list and start to pick off some of those apps you’ve been meaning to try out for ages!

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OP-1 – Implied Thoughts

Rheyne – 12/17/12 – Live Jam #69

Crystal Synth XT

Crystal Synth XT - Green Oak Software

Look what came in the post … a new toy!

I only had a brief chance to try this little thing out, and it makes some strange sounds. but I will record some video of it to show you how odd it is.

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