Something completely new from Intermorphic

The clever people at Intermorphic have done something a bit different with their latest app. Tiklbox is a new breed of music player. It uses generative techniques and technologies developed and honed over 20 years to create live, warm, high quality organic “inmo” music perfect for relaxation, reflection, meditation, quiet contemplation … and more.

Inmo music (#inmomusic) is generated “In the Moment” on a mobile phone, tablet or other device. As such it is personal for you – no one else hears exactly what you do.

When you get Tiklbox you can play it for 12 minutes and you get 2 inmo tracks from the “Calm” album to try out – plenty enough for a nice chill out. If you want to lose the time-out or get the rest of the album it’s a simple in-app purchase*. There is also a second album available, too, called “Relax”. Tiklbox is free, so why not give it a try and see what you think?

Key features:

  • High quality “inmo” music created live
  • Simple and effective to use with 6 tracks per album
  • Includes 2 unlocked tracks from “Calm” album
  • Controls for track play time, track fade in/out and gaps between tracks
  • 12 minutes sleep time (restart to play again)
  • Album play list editing for track play order / track exclusion
  • Album random track selection control

*In-App Purchase extendable

  • Albums (purchase of an album also unlocks the sleep timer)

Tip: Set the sleep timer to infinite*, and you can continuously cycle the tracks for an endless stream of ever-changing music.

And, Tiklbox is free

Tiklbox - Intermorphic Ltd.

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