BlueMidi for iPhone / Touch arrives

Send MIDI over Bluetooth from your iOS device to your Mac! Works with all apps that support Virtual Midi, such as TouchOSC, Midi Pads, etc.

Download the free host app at

NOTE – the app requires Bluetooth LE and is compatible with the following devices:
* iPhone 4S and iPhone 5
* iPod Touch 5th gen.
* iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini

The helper app also requires a Mac running Bluetooth LE, meaning Macs released after June, 2012.

The app is priced at $1.99.

BlueMidi - Mikkel Gravgaard

Magellan for iPad – What’s New in Version 2.0

Magellan - Yonac Inc. Amazing iPad Dubstep Performance Groovebox - Music In No Time - Amidio Inc.

24 Apps of 2012: AudioShare

AudioShare, the audio document manager has to be one of my top apps for this year. Not only is it a real swiss army knife for managing audio on iOS devices, but it has been consistently updated with excellent new features.

I’m especially looking forward to the MIDI file visualisation that’s coming in the new version, but even more than that, the ability to record via audiobus and then use the existing AudioShare facility to archive and store the recordings is going to be amazing.

I can only see AudioShare getting better and better in 2013. For me it’s a must have for any iOS musician. I love it!

AudioShare - audio document manager - Kymatica (Jonatan Liljedahl)

Buddha Machine 4 available from Boomkat

If you’re a Boomkat customer then you might want to look over here.

Ampkit 12 days of holiday Mayhem: Trace Elliot 1215 – $1.99

Today’s Ampkit deal is the Trace Elliot 1215 for $1.99

AmpKit+ - Agile Partners

Reminder: Nanoloop special offer today only

Don’t forget that today’s mobile music advent calendar is Nanoloop is reduced to just $0.99 for the day!


nanoloop - Oliver Wittchow

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