Massive Magellan update

Major free upgrade with many new and improved features!

• Audiobus integration: use Magellan as an input in Audiobus graphs!

• Free new bank of 32 presets produced by Sunsine Audio!
• Fully compatible with the new Magellan Jr. for iPhone and iPod Touch

New touch pad control framework with highly improved expression and expanded options:

  • Step-to-step glide with adjustable note snapping
  • New per-voice vertical controls, including FM parameters and velocity
  • Display all occurences of selected notes in octaving mode
  • Integrated with keyboard hold
  • Edit musical scale
  • Improved touch pad navigation, now enabled by simply using the scroll lock button

New velocity sense feature for the keyboards, using the accelerometer. Touch softly for quieter notes, and tap harder for louder ones.

  • Completely updated MIDI Learn / CC Maps feature
  • Four new modules you can control with MIDI: Arp 1, Arp 2, FX and Sequencer!
  • Over 350 mappable / learnable MIDI destinations
  • Knobs, switches, displays and other UI elements are now animated with MIDI input
  • Manipulate Arp settings, or program and use the Sequencer — all via MIDI

• MIDI Bank and Program changes

• Enumerated banks/presets tables for easier reference for program changes

• Settable hardware buffer size

• Much wider range of keyboard key sizes

Updated recording module:

  • Fixed-length recording option for creating loops on-the-fly
  • Start recording on first touch option

New, more robust metronome with a wider range of time signatures

Bugfixes, internal improvements and optimization:

  • iOS 6.0 mime type bug that affected bundle sharing via email
  • Intermittent WIST issue when using sequencer as master
  • Many subtle improvements to UI and synth engine
  • Other fixes and improvements

Completely tested and compatible with iOS 6, iPad Mini and iPad 4

Magellan - Yonac Inc.

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