Echo Pad. Here’s the list:

Audiobus Input and Output app support! (support for Effect app slot coming soon)

Additional new features:

  • Route main looper through FX. Record into the main looper, then process it.
  • Paste audio into Main Looper. Paste audio to be automatically recorded and looped in the main sound on sound looper.
  • Paste audio to scratch loopers. Paste audio from other apps to load directly into the scratch loopers using AudioPaste.
  • Export/AudioCopy Scratch Loop to Pasteboard. Export and AudioCopy current contents of scratch loopers to the pasteboard.
  • Export Scratch Loop to AudioShare. Export current contents of scratch loopers directly to AudioShare.
  • Audio Trigger loop record: Trigger loop recording with incoming audio.
  • New delay type: “Shimmer” octave up pitch shift delay, inspired by my favorite blue pedal (rhymes with ES-3).


  • adjusted UI for better access of controls
  • separate Import and Export menus for better access
  • delay hi pass/lo pass filter control (the red circle) is now controlled independently, no longer requires first finger to be onscreen.
  • “Output L.P. Filter” replaces previous “Input L.P. Filter”. This now filters the master output, and can be modulated by the L.F.O.
  • “First loop sets BPM” is now OFF by default.

Echo Pad - Holderness Media Inc

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