JamUp Pro XT – Marshall JCM 800 Model

JamUp Pro XT - Positive Grid LLC


Reminder: StudioTrack from Sonoma 50% off today only

Don’t forget that today’s treat in our mobile music advent calendar is Sonoma Wire Works multitrack recorder StudioTrack which is 50% off just for today! It was priced at $9.99 and now it’s just $4.99.

StudioTrack - Sonoma Wire Works


Say hello to the Arduino Esplora

It looks like a great idea for anyone who just doesn’t want to start out with breadboards or the like, so worth taking a look at if you’ve been tempted by the Arduino but haven’t taken the plunge.

Via the Arduino blog.


BeatMaker 2 (minor) update

A small update to BM2 and not the one with Audiobus. Here’s what’s new:

  • Fix auto-repeat feature which was broken
  • Add iTunes file sharing (USB transfers). Check the Sharing panel.
  • Improve MIDI clock sending
  • Fix an issue where the last visited directory was not recovered in the file browser

BeatMaker 2 - INTUA


iTunes 12 days of Christmas app

Of course it won’t be anywhere as good as the mobile music advent calendar, but there may well be a few things you want there, so don’t forget to download it in advance of the 26th and check it every day.

iTunes - 12 Days of Christmas - iTunes


DigiEnsemble Berlin plays BACH’s Christmas Oratorio


There should be a law against people showing things like this and saying "soon"!

Via Facebook.